Donovan is a Calgary based wedding photographer, who focuses on capturing real emotions and moments, the subtle and flamboyant, to narrate a very personal and stunning story. He offers affordable and customized packages and is ready to travel to any destination to document your special occasion. His style is a mixture of contemporary, portraiture and traditional.


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All about Donovan Bissett Photography

9 years ago Photography started out as a hobby for me, but Before that, it started with a cute girl in the camera section at Future Shop. I guess looking back at it I should thank her, Where ever she is...


So with a camera, I had no idea how to use and an entire world to photograph, The first thing I did was open the box and throw out the manual. Probably the best decision I made in my photography career.


It started with bugs and flowers in my backyard, To sunsets in fish creek park, to my friends at the dirt bike track, to my travels where ever they were. I found myself thinking through the lens of my camera all the time. That's how I knew I was hooked.


For many years I was hesitant to take my photography to the next level and treat it as a career. And even when I made that decision it took me forever to buckle down and just do it.


A few engagement sessions turned into a wedding here and there and now its a part of who I am. As always if you have any questions about me or what I do and where I come from please contact me , I would love to hear from you !!



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Donovan Bissett Photography, Calgary,  |  Tell: (403)471-8425

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